Obesity and overweight

Obesity is a national and international epidemic. The problem has currently invaded the children at earlier ages. Kids are now much too often having to be put on prescription statins for high cholesterol and medications for Type II diabetes, a condition traditionally occurring in adulthood associated with a variety of factors, one of which is too much body fat. We are feeding our children too many unnatural processed foods that are quick, desired, tasty and inexpensive. Our kids are not getting the desired amounts of exercise but instead are sitting at computers, games and televisions playing like they are running and jumping, escaping etc having all the emotional aspects of the activity (eg. Cortisol and adrenaline stress hormone release) but are not using or working the body to work off the stress hormones effects.

Certain groups of people are much more prone to accumulation of body fat. Deciphering some research from an article in Journal of the American Medical Association with information from NHANES, a national research study of 2-19 year olds boys and girls comparing Mexico, USA and Canada, of obesity prevalence. The prevalence of obesity was Mexico 11.5%, USA 18.4% and Canada at 11.7% respectively. (JAMA  pp 488). Clearly the USA is winning in this unfortunate race to get bigger with our two neighbors for many reasons.

Certain racial and ethnic groups also tend to have more issues with excess body fat. Taking 6-11 year olds and comparing the data, including both male and female this data below shows the discrepancies. The >85% than symbol means that if we take 100 kids, these kids have a greater BMI than 85 of that 100 kids, and the same goes for the other 85th and 97th percentiles (JAMA pp 486).

Hispanic 6-11 year olds
>85%   39.7%
>95%   22.5%
>97%   16.4%
Mexican American
>85%   39.0%
>95%   22.1%
>97%   17.5%
Non-Hispanic White
>85%   27.6%
>95%   13.9%
>97%   9.1%
Non-Hispanic Black
>855    42.7%
>95%   28.6%
>97%   22.2%

What is the answer to this dilemma? There are many answers, none of which are easy to do, but are very simple. We need to eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts, raw stuff. We need to shop around the perimeter of the grocery store and stay out of the middle where all the processed foods are. The high salt foods are in the middle. The high profit foods are in the middle of the store. Where do you think they want you to shop?
The inexpensive foods are less perishable, so they go bad over a longer period of time, so they last longer. This is convenient but not so good for you and your family. The more processed the food is, the longer it lasts due to the chemicals put on it for that benefit. The less man- made chemicals put on the food the better it is for you, but you have to eat it fast, because it won’t last. I wonder what these chemical preservatives do to our body, they preserve food, what effect does this have on your body? Interesting thought! These chemicals can accumulate in the body over time.

Education must be attained and action must be taken to change your current status from overweight or obese to lean and healthy. If you take action on yourself, your kids will more likely model your behavior.

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