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I have been treating with Dr. Brown since shortly after a work-related injury in late 2005. Dr. Brown and his staff have always been friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. He has always been straight with me on what is going on with my care and has been extremely helpful when I have needed a referral to other specialists. I highly recommend Dr. Brown and his staff for the excellent care and concern for my well-being they have shown me over the years.

- James Phillips Hoevelman

Upon moving to Arlington my family was very worried about starting the process of working with a new doctor for our medical needs. Alot of times doctors are so busy they forget that the people they are taking care of are human beings like themselves. To make matters more complicated we were worried that a new doctor would take advantage of us by worring more about the billable time vs. our personal health. Since we started going to Dr. Farley there has never been a time that he has ever given us the impression we were just billable time. He has always been concerned about how we are doing and has followed up after every visit to make sure we are doing well. I would highly recommend Dr. Farley as a doctor who's primary concern is your health and wellbeing and NOT THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR.


Dr. Brown was recommended to me by 3 people. My family and I had just moved to Arlington and having been in a bad car accident 5 years prior and needing my medication monitored and also help treating fibromyalgia. Normally I dread getting ready for doctors' appointments and there is much anxiety and anticipation because I know I have to fill out a lot of paperwork and overall, it is just the trauma of having to leave one doctor that I had for years and then jump in with another doctor and to put it bluntly just "Bare your sole to a 'stranger'." When I arrived at the office I was greeted by someone who really seemed vested in helping me from the moment I stepped in Dr. Brown's office. They did everything they could to make the paperwork and just overall experience really positive and for once, I did not feel like I was in a cattle call, meaning lets get them in and out. All this positiveness and this was just from Dr. Brown's staff. I was taken back to a room and thought oh man, how long am I going to wait and within 2 minutes Dr. Farley was in the room. His presence is so genuine and he literally to date has been the easiest doctor to speak to and at length. I actually look forward to our appointments because I know the appointment will not be rushed, he has my best interest in mind, he lets me finish a thought and monitors my medication and just overall health more thoroughly than any doctor I have ever been to. I do everything he suggests because I know he truly cares. I have recommended a few friends to him and just as I thought, they feel exactly the same way. It almost seems like his view of treatment for people needing medical care parallels that of small town doctors or like "Doc" on 'Little House on the Prairie.' He cares, he will help in any way, he is just very rare in this time where the average Dr. Apt is 5 minutes but they bill for 15 which is definitely not long enough anyway if one is truly mindful of ones health like Dr. Farley.Change and Improving Your Health And Quality of Life Can Seem So Hard, But Remember This: Dr. Farley is out there and a better quality of life may be achieved. I am now very active and feel the best I have ever felt with the lowest medication I have had since my wreck. My pain level with regard to the fibromyalgia prior to Dr. Brown treating me physically and monitoring my medication had been been between 6-10. Now after Dr. Farley Brown's treatment, he prescribes me less medication than ever and my pain level is between 2-6. It truly is a blessing. Dr. Brown is a blessing! THANK YOU DOCTOR BROWN FOR ACTUALLY CARING ENOUGH TO GO THE EXTRA MILE TO HELP ME AND ALSO MY FRIENDS! You are a rare breed!


Dr. Farley Brown is the best. I finally went to see him to stop smoking. He was in my shop having some framing done to his diplomas and pictures as he has for years, and his persistance and concern for me when in my framing studio made me decide to seek medical treatment with him at his clinic. When I got to his office he did a very extensive exam and then did a spirometry breathing test on me. The test showed that my lung age was 79 years, I am only 59 years old. With this test and his urging to quit I was convinced that I had to do something. He then prescribed me Chantix for quitting smoking help. Thanks to Dr. Brown and the medication I am now not smoking for 6 months and I do not desire it at all and I again feel 30 years old.

- Vicki Hooker (Karlyn Arts - 611 N. Center St. Arlington, Tx)

I have been going to Dr. Brown for over 15 years... Dr. Brown is a great adjuster and his team is very helpful.. Over the years, I have seen Dr. Brown when I would pull a muscle or wake up stiff. He has always treated me and my family with respect and listens to every concern... Now that Dr. Brown is also a N.P. it is wonderful to utilize his knowledge and allow him to treat us medically.... I have refered several family and friends to his practice and all have really benefited from his care...he has treated me and my daughter for sore throats with prescription antibiotics and other medical conditions with drug samples in the office and treats my brother for asthma and sinusitis. Good Job Doc. Thanks for taking care of me and the family.

- Michael Baxter

As a result of my confidence in Dr. Brown's abilities, I have referred a number of my own patients to him for chiropractic care.

- Stephen J. Lenhoff, M.D.   Cardiologist, Arlington, Texas

This letter is to my happiness with the care my patients receive regarding Farley Brown's chiropractic care.  He has and continues to be a valuable source of chiropractic care for my patients.

- Gilbert Ledesma, M.D.   Arlington Family Health Pavillion

I have always found Dr. Brown to be compassionate and cooperative.  The patients have been pleased and I have known him to refer them onward when their condition did not respond to his therapies.

- Dean L. Peyton, D.O.    Arlington Family Practice

He treats patients conservatively, and his clinical skills are excellent.

- A.J. Morris, M.D.    Family Medicine,  Arlington, Texas

Dr. Brown has treated me in effective, pleasant, and cost-effective manner for greater than five years.  He is understanding, compassionate, and renders time effective treatment.

Dudley W. Goetz, D.O.    Dermatology Place, Arlington Texas 

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